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Great American Window Company has the right exterior door for your needs at the right price! Our factory direct pricing offers you discount exterior doors. Don't pay retail prices when you can do business with a company that wants to give you a great product at a fair price. Read more about our beautiful exterior doors below. Contact us for an estimate and come see us at our showroom.

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Exterior Doors Richmond, KY1. Choose the type of Exterior Door

Make a lasting first impression with your front door, and consider the more practical, everyday use your family needs from a back door or side door.

  • All Panel – This type of exterior door is an assembly comprised of stiles (vertical pieces), and rails (horizontal pieces) inserted into the door frame.
  • Glass Panel – A glass panel door consists of a glass door that opens onto an entrance, patio, deck or backyard of a house. The door panel is comprised of stiles, rails and glass to allow for viewing.

Dutch – Dutch doors are constructed in two pieces, allowing the upper section to be opened independently of the lower.

Fiberglass Exterior Doors Richmond, KY2. Choose the material of your Exterior Door

Exterior Doors come in a variety of materials and finishes to suit your individual needs and desires.

– This material features both the feel and look of genuine wood, right down to the knots and cracks, with less upkeep.  In fact, these doors are built to consistently withstand the rigors of any climate - hot or cold, wet or dry.

– Wood comes from trees that grow in a variety of species, such as fir, pine, mahogany or alder.  Each species has a range of characteristics, like grain, color and sap content, which contributes to its unique appearance.

Steel – An economical option, steel offers strength and durability and is a good choice for most climates.  These doors are also treated to deliver superior rust-resistance. They will require only minimal maintenance (in especially moist areas, they may require minor upkeep).

Exterior Door Glass Options3. Choose from a wide selection of Glass Options for Exterior Doors

We offer more glass options than you can imagine, from subtly textured to boldly colored.  These options let you add individuality to our doors while increasing natural light and energy efficiency in your home.

Energy Efficient Glass – Stay cool in summer, warm in winter, and protect furniture against fading from sunlight. Look for our ENERGY STAR qualified doors for increased energy savings.

Protective Glass – Your home should be protected from dangers such as storms, intruders, fire, loud noises and wear on the products.  Selecting glass options such as impact resistant glass, tempered glass, sound reducing glass and options that protect the glass help accomplish these goals.
Textured Glass - Add a distinctive touch to our doors with textured glass, which lets in light while maintaining privacy.

Tinted Glass – Our tinted glass is ideal for climates with intense sunlight.  It reduces glare and visible light transmittance.

Decorative Glass - This glass will brighten your home without compromising privacy.  With all the decorative glass designs we offer, there is sure to be one to match your home's architectural style.

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