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Great American Window Company has an exceptional selection of interior door options available. These interior door options are made available to you at our everday low factory direct prices. We will provide you a quality product that fits your needs at a great price that will fit your budget. Call us today at 859-624-4090 or submit your information below to have one of our friendly home improvment specialist contact you.

Interior Doors Richmond, KY1. Choose the type of interior door

For Interior Doors, choosing the right type comes down to how much privacy, light or ventilation you want between rooms.

All Panel – All panel doors connect two inside rooms or are used as a closet door; this door type does not have the strength, insulation or security requirements of an exterior door.

Glass Panel – These types of doors allow for natural light to pass between rooms.  In the 19th century, glass was being added to door construction, mainly in French and German homes, on interior doors leading to rooms containing more natural light, such as conservatories, glass houses and vestibules.

Louver – A louver door is an opening with a series of horizontal slats, called louver boards, arranged sloping downward to permit ventilation but exclude rain, sunlight or vision. Louvers can be made in various shapes.

– Bifold doors are a segmented, hinged door that folds and slides on a head track to the side when opened. This door was first used during the 19th century and is now usually used for closet doors.

Discount Interior Doors Lexington, KY2. Selecting the right material for Interior Doors

We combine high quality materials with a smart manufacturing process for durability and beauty.

Wood Composite – Made with strong, environmentally conscious materials, this material is a wood-based compound utilizes wood fibers, reconstituted wood or other wood derivative.

Wood – Wood comes from trees that grow in a variety of species, such as fir, pine, mahogany or alder.  Each species has a range of characteristics, like grain, color and sap content, which contributes to its unique appearance.

Glass Panel Interior Doors3. Adding Interior Door Glass Options

We offer more glass options than you can imagine, from subtly textured to boldly colored.  These options let you add individuality to our doors while increasing natural light in your home.

Protective Glass – Your home should be protected from dangers such as storms, intruders, fire, loud noises and wear on the products.  Selecting glass options such as impact resistant glass, tempered glass, sound reducing glass and options that protect the glass help accomplish these goals.

Textured Glass - Add a distinctive touch to our doors with textured glass, which lets in light while maintaining privacy.

Tinted Glass – Our tinted glass is ideal for climates with intense sunlight.  It reduces glare and visible light transmittance.

Decorative Glass - This glass will brighten your home without compromising privacy.  With all the decorative glass designs we offer, there is sure to be one to match your home's architectural style.

Interior Door Accents4. Optional Interior Door Decorative Accents

Add charm and architectural authenticity to your door with decorative accents.  These decorative accents have a hand-forged appearance, which will add character to any design you select.

Speakeasy Grilles - Available in various grille patterns and grille shapes, such as square and oval.

Straps - These accents include corner, rail and radius straps with an aged look.

Clavos - These were inspired by the functional bolt heads that were used in Medieval and Renaissance architecture. The shapes, finishes and hand-forged appearance of our clavos testify to the thoughtful artistry of another age.

Decorative Grilles - A variety of architectural grille styles with operable grille functionality that swing open for quick and easy cleaning.

Metallic Inlays - Subtle and intriguing, metal strips that are built into the door prove that contemporary doesn't have to feel cold

How the Interior Doors are builtWood Interior Doors

From choosing the right materials to putting it all together, we put quality and reliability first.

The Core – All of our doors look and feel solid, but may use different materials inside the core to improve its fire rating, soundproofing or structural integrity.
The Skin or Surface – We give equal weight to durability and beauty in crafting the door’s skin or surface finish.

Prehung – We offer prehung door packages to ensure an easy installation with a precise fit.

Opening Method – We can provide different installation packages depending on how you want your doors to open, from the traditional hinged passage door, to pocket or bypass doors.

Mirror Option – Add a built-in mirror to an interior door for your bathroom, dressing room or closet. It will save you space and let you check yourself out full-length before you leave the house.

Building Codes – These are published ordinances that will regulate many aspects of your project, such as design loads, opening widths and material selection.  Our doors are designed and tested with these local building codes in mind.

Sound Reduction - Shut out unwanted noise by using doors with the quiet option.  This option represents an affordable way to seek the sounds of silence.